5 Foods foods to keep away from your dog

You love your dog means you give him the best and you share with him your everything since his one of the family ,but careful we can’t share with himm all what we love especially when it comes to food,the list bellow shows what you can not feed your dogs .

1-Choccolate : no one deny choccolate even dogs but you have know that it can cause death to your dog ,cofeine and coffee extracted from cacao seeds wich contains methylxanthine wich very toxic to dogs and sometimes it causes death .so you would better keep choccolate and coffee  away from your dog.

2-grapes and raisin : some of us know that it cause kidney failure ut most of us don’t so,all what we know is that dogs do not like grapes,but the reason behind is that it cause illness to our dogs.

3-salt : not only dogs salt has never been good for us ,it causes thirst and urination,we as human beings we try to reduce salt in our food but dogs how much they should take or have on a meal,feeding your dog snacks ships or any salty food can cause serious problems .

4-bread : present in our daily menue,cause loating and twisting to your dog simply because it’s hardly diegested ,ethanol can make your dog look like a drunk and this may harm you but it’s in the bread you give him so keep it away from your puppy and the problem is solved.

5-Bones : once you think about dogs and food bones appear first,be careful when you give him bones from your table these are cooked and easy breaking sometimes it can go to his throat and damage it especially chicken and ribs bones ,remeber this not all the bones are made for dogs but there are many of the chewing ones in your pet store these are selected for your dog and you can feel safe about them.

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