Bathe a cat ! here are the secrets .

Step1 :

It’s not really neccessary to bathe your cats,this migh not to be surprising if you know that cats do the job themslves ,they love gromming themselves,but they hate bath that’s why you need to follow these steps.

your cat will attack you during the bath that’s why you have to protect yourself so  put on a long sleeve shirt or eveything  that can cover you from the scratching. 

Step2 :

for a good start remove yor cat’s tangles and mats with your hand and a brsh .

Step 3 :

using a sink or a tub warm water shouldn’t be more than 8 inches ,prepare all the thing you need for the job and put it near you .

Step 4 :

in this step you are going to praise yor cat,before putting him in the sink let’s prepare him for bath by your wet hands on his fur,cuppy some water on his fur  it annoys but you havbe to do so.

Step 5 :

put your cat into water while pouring small handfuls of water over his body but don’t try to touch his head just from neck and down over his body and this enough to fill him with water.

Step 6 :

avoid his head and face like usual put on shampoo into your cat , cool massage time now for your cat,make sure you get it on all the parts.

Step 7 :

use a cup to rinse him from shampoo but it’s very important to make sure warm water cover him until it’s clear .

Step 8 :

swadell your cat into a towel again with praise ,make him feel  calm and dry ,it doesn’t  really matter if the mess is behind you because all what we need from you is giving him hand fed treats until he is relaxed.when he is calmed down now you with a clean wash clotth can wash his face and it’s easy.

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