Be your dogs leader with these steps.

Taking this job will make you feel very confident ,your dogs will taste the joy of the relationship in a different way,dogs will learn to obey and respect ,when you lead the pack you are helping them feel safety ,joy and less confusion.

Of course a very polite dog is what we look for he makes every one feel happy about him,people are safe around him,no one wants dog bites,but a pack leader can avoid these problems,here are some tips that would help you become the one who rule the kingdom.

But before starting you will need to understand how dogs behave ,when they are as a pack they follow a leader to become the one you will have to think like a dog do what he wants in nature and what he hates,the more time you spend with dogs the more you observe carefully .

It’s like you are in a mission to survey wether they become more angry ? do they cause any harm to people around them ? if you detect any problem then it’s your role now cause they need a guide cause dogs are ready to behave in the way you want of course you want well ehaved dogs.

Show your love to your dogs,feeding and playing with them are useless because they understand more than you expect,they communicate differently but they feel your voice tune,now it’s your turn to understand them and as soon as you do they will obey you any command you give easily because they understand you too that’s the key of the job.

In your house you want your dog to behave well,build your borders as you like for exapmle if you want them to be kept away of the sofa you are sitting you will have to prove him his own bed,if he jump on yours you have to remove him and put him on the place you want him to be in and no matter how many times your repeat the action but once he learn it you win .

Become a good leader means learning ,we and dogs are going to learn to understand each others,a regular command based on a good reason will get obedience,once they obey they understand that you are the king of the kingdom.

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