Conditions of buying a used cat in a shelter.

Many poeple wan t to own a cat so they always looking for a used cat or a cat that was with another owner or in a shelter. The cat we’d first chosen was adopted before we could feature him. Our next choice for a cat was immediately snapped up.

I would like to get you to adopt one — the sooner the better. I know that going to a shelter can be a little overwhelming — all those cats needing homes, and you with room for only one or two at most. But if you think about what you’re looking for in a cat, go into the shelter with a plan and listen to your head and your heart, I bet you’ll find the adoption option is easier and more rewarding than you think.

Here are some tips that will help you to choose the better cat in the shelter and you will be very happy.these tips must be taken by your consideration in order to possess the most suitable cat that fit your creteria.

 1- If you are serious about adopting a cat and these times don’t work for you, please call a famous shelter and they would be happy to set up a private tour for you.

Also, if you have a mobility limitation and would like to visit when the shelter is less crowded and is easier to navigate,they will be very  happy to do what they can to make it easy for people to find a cat to love.

2-If you identify a cat/kitten online, follow up with a visit to the shelter to meet the cat/kitten you like – it’s important that you select a companion based on their personality and how they interact with you, rather than how they look in a photo.

3-Pass an interview with an adoption counselor/ volunteer. This is an important part of your adoption process and will not be skipped.  We will not hold a cat or allow a cat to leave the building until the prospective adopters have passed the interview .

4- If all parties agree the cat\kitten may be a good fit for the household, the adoption can be finalized and the trial period will start on the day the cat/kitten goes home.

5-Be sure that the shelter you will visit  will never allow a cat to leave their building without a safe cat carrier. they have cardboard carriers available for a small fee, but it’s best to purchase a good quality, hard-sided carrier that will last. Fleet Farm carries good ones for about $20 .

6-: be sure that your shosen cat  is in good mental health. That’s right, I said mental health. According to animal experts, cats can stress and mentally health.They look  stress and have the ability tor fights.They turn to stuborn and trouble makers.Therefore ,you  have to ask about your cats and ask the responsible for the shelter to stay with the shosen  cat a little bit to see his behavior and actions.

7-make sure that your shosen cat is physiclly good.A sick cat can bring to you problems .For example,you have to take him to a veteriarian to sheck his health.

These are my favorite conditions that must be fellowed in order to have a good cat.

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