CORGI CAFE a unique place where you can enjoy a drink and have fun with puppies

The concept of cat cafe or dog cafe have  yet  become popular ,these type of coffe shops will soon become commonplace,but have you ever told about a shop where you enjoy good time with all kind of dogs ? well in thailand there’s one location where you find only one type of dog,

If you are in bangkok and looking to spend a good time with these adorable puppets you have to visit CORGI CAFE ,this is your location to experience  the feeling,sure you are about to loose your mind spending some time with the well known adorable dogs,you will be happy meeting the cuttest dogs,

They are waiting for you to just spend time with them,the corgis are available six days a week,customers come from everywhere they are invited to interact with them in the leisur time,we don’t how much compensation and praise they get but they receive a lot and lot for their troubles.

Well, it looks like we have one new location to add to our bucket list. Hopefully, someone will think to open a cafe like this one in our neighborhood instead. In the meantime, we will just have to save our pennies for a flight to Thailand. It costs each customer $11 per hour to spend time with the dogs. In our eyes, this is one heck of a deal.

Taking a flight to thailand couldn’t be easy to everyone,twelve dollars for each hour spent with these adorable pets might be to much for someone who like to stay for a long time with corgi dogs but if someone would like to invest in such a cafe it would be a very good idea for all, we need like this cafe nearby and sure when it’s closer people will rush over people to have the opportunity to meet this breed of dog,that’s the case of thailand  cafe where you have to book before because there is not enough space for all the visitors,

Waiting for the day we are landing on thailand watching the video will make the job and if you admit the idea look for cheap flights from and do not forget to book  the cafe before getteing your flight,if you are lucky to go there we would be very thankful if you send us more pictures and videos,once you get there i’m sure you will think about if we have a cafe like this in the city.

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