For Introducing Your New Baby to the Cat, 7 tips must be done.

When a cat has a new child different things occuredand you will See what happens when a newborn puppy is introduced to a mama cat with a litter of baby kittens of her own. The cat instantly recognizes a fellow baby in need of care, shelter and attention, and, as soon as the pup is placed inside her box, starts coddling the little thing and treating her as if it was one of her own babies. The ending is especially heartwarming, and it shows us that animals possess the capacity for unconditional acceptance and infinite love.So,these are some tips to be followed by you in order to introduce the pupy to her mother.

Introducing Your Puppy to Your Cat

1-Before your puppy and cat ever meet, make a towel or blanket with your puppy’s scent available to your cat to sniff, and put a towel or blanket of your cat’s in your puppy’s crate. They’ll check out each other’s strange scents, which may help with the “real” introduction.

2-Next, put your puppy in his crate, playpen, or behind a baby gate in the living room or kitchen where he’ll have plenty of company and can get accustomed to the sights, sounds, and smells of his new home. (It’s worth noting: you shouldn’t leave your puppy in a room unsupervised – there are too many interesting things to chew on, he may chase the cat, or even have an accident on the floor.

3-Let your cat check out the puppy and don’t force her to get close if she’s not comfortable doing so.

4-Reward both your pets for calm, friendly interactions without hissing or barking.

5-Once several interactions have gone well with a barrier between them, it’s time to allow your pets to explore together. Keep your puppy on a leash to avoid any chasing and let your cat set the pace for the meet and greet. These monitored on-leash interactions may last a couple weeks, so don’t be afraid to take it slow.

6-If barking or chasing occurs, distract your dog by engaging him in some obedience exercises and treats to keep the experience a constructive and positive one. Make sure your cat doesn’t feel confined, and give her plenty of space and time to cool down if she feels threatened.

7-Make sure your cat has private safe spaces if she doesn’t want to play and higher ledges where she can observe your new rambunctious ball of fur. Her litter box, food, and primary sleeping space should be in places your puppy can’t get to.

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