Have you ever told about the danger this grass can cause to your dog

Dogs do not know about this grass that can cause injuries sometimes it could be fatal,this grass could be found in the west it grows very fast and evrywhere it is know by the foxtail,for pet owners whenever you see this grass watch out your dog cause the danger it can cause is inpredictable.

The danger of this grass is hardly discovered by pets owners because it goes inside you dog body very fast and without his permission,and the pain caused is very big,it is unsceen under his fur and very harmful ,the dog feel pain everywhere from nowhere and that’s the point and you have nothing to do with it because you did not notice that.

How you know that your dog had an exposure to this grass ? the dog would give you signs when his pawning at his own eyes,moving his head from left to write violently shaking it or experiensing infections ,these are the signs of foxtail grass exposure,dogs that has long upright ears or long hair are going to face big problems with this grass.

Pet owners must be awared of this grass they have to remain as vigilant as possible, we are the responsible for their health, we have to keep eyes opened on them especially when their out,once you see this grass keep away your dog from it,and remember open fields,mountain trails,roadsides and landfillls are places where does foxtail grass grows whenever you go these places put your eyes on your dogs and try to change the area very fast.

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