Here are cat grooming tips to make your cat look adorable

You are wrong  If you think that bathing your cat is prohibited ,yes you can ocasionnaly bathe your cat to remove all the tangles and mats from your cat fur,it is true that cats gromm themeselves automatically but they will survive the process  if it’s needed.

When  cats need a bath ? well it’s not regular but if they face any substance that you beleive it can cause any danger if it is absorbed or ingested by the will have to bath your cat and here are the tips : to start and allways before water shampoo… etc,brush your cat with your hand and a brush you will remove the mats and tangles once you finished clean the area to make sure those removed mats won’t come irremovable and to prevent bacteria’s developement.

Trim your cat  claws to ensure your safety before the bath,remeber slowly into water ,carrying your cat wet hands will make him feel used to water ,do not touch his head with water,use shampoo  made for cats ,there are plenty of them o in the market but you have to shoose the right one,read the instuctions before not all the shampoos used the same, if you find it impossible to use water there are many  that do not need rinsing after they are called dry shampoo  just like an oil skin,your  cat ‘s vet will tell wether if you can or not use flea shampoo for your cat who is under medication,to prevent any mistake keep the cat’s head away from water .

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