Train your cat with this 6 tips

From  defferent cases you may face with your these tips are selected for helping every one who cares about his adorable cat , they are easy that anyone can use and not to much time is needed ,so foloow these tips and you will taste the difference your self .

To succed any training you adobt the result is guaranteed only if it is regular,if not your cat will be lost between the significant messages you give and it will make it very complicated to train your cat.remember there is no training in 5 or 10 minutes.

And here are the six tips you can follow to train your cats

In cats nature they don’t care about punishment,do not play this card you will be waisting your time,other animals really need punishing to change some behaviours but not cats.

Cats would love encouragement :instead of looking after your cat in order to catch him in the crime scene try to reward him whenever  you feel he’s doing it right and ti’s easy  you  can feed him what he likes most .

Cats like action and want to spend time playing using skills like hunting,running ,and jumping ,so buy your cat toys that can make him feel enjoyed so when his at home he can practice something  instead of scratching your table he might be busy with the fake fish and so on the more toys you bring the more your cat is busy .

You can use water to take your cat attention’s,don’t shout to your cat he won’t hear you but  if  you shoot him with your water gun or waterspray  you are telling that what you are doing is wrong in a funny way and this is the key have fun with your cat.

Again much og the bad behaviour come from boring time so if you are having a closed room you  are jailing your cat who’s interest is in discovering so an open room that has more than one window would make the cat feel amazed by everything he sees,if the room is facing a garden then he’s fascinating by birds or butterflies and it make him spend good time in doing this .

Like aany of the other pets  the very important thing is that you spend more and more time with your cat ,it’s doesn’t cost much but you are the biggest winner ,you win both your cat when he’s used with you and try to understand what you like and what you don’t like even if you are silent and in all the cases communication develops and step by step your cat will get to know you and the second win is your funny time with your kitty,in this tip it’s the cat who’s involved .

Those tips are only the initials and once you understand the magic of communication you will expand your training ,and remeber keep it regular and evrey step you adopt is not only for one time it must last for a long time that your cat learn by heart.

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