Your pet is your mirror ,here are 5 personalities you can give to your cat.

Pets reflect human personalities,science has proved the strong link between human and pets,we all know cats are independent but the documentation of lincolin university experts found that cats take after their owners  after comparing more than 3000 cat owner they found that cats reflect their owner’s personalities .

Cats share some traits with human scientists said that the similarity apears when comparing behaviour and look .

Overwight and anxious cats were those who are kept in home by their owners,cheerful cats were adopted by active people who like going and outside have fun and plenty activities.

Talking about taking  bad habits cats pick up only 5 ones ,fortunately they don’t take all of your bad behaviours confirmed by a research in an austrian university in 2016 when they tested more that 25OO  domestic cats in Austria and New Zeland coming up with the five categories below :


  1. DIZZZY : neurotic cats that are anxious,they are fierce and they have fear  more than they can trust .
  2. Outgoing : cats who are busy all the time curious and want to explore more than they rest in other word they are alive.
  3. Bosssy : just like the word say they are dominant and agressive
  4. Unpredictable : free and impulse these cats apear unconfortable.
  5. Amiable : friendly and lovling this category is what we look for all the time.

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